From extensive mapping services to site surveys, Altus Geomatics is the market leader in advanced, customized solutions for a wide variety of consulting projects. Utilizing innovative and proprietary technology that not only makes research-gathering more efficient and less costly, but also ensures accurate, effective geographical data, our experts facilitate complex decision-making for businesses, communities, governments and industries. Our complementary and diversified range of service offerings includes Mapping, Construction Surveys, Legal/Municipal Land Surveys, Land Development, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), 3D Laser Scanning, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Environmental & Forestry. Altus Geomatics is strategically positioned in all four western provinces, as well as New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, to deliver the service and expertise that guarantees results, and mitigates risk, across all project phases, regardless of sector, scope or region.

Offices and Commissioned Land Surveyors

  • Canada (CLS)
  • British Columbia (BCLS)
  • Alberta (ALS)
  • Saskatchewan (SLS)
  • Manitoba (MLS)
  • New Brunswick (NBLS)
  • Nova Scotia (NSLS)

Our Service Areas

3D Scanning – Highly detailed and defined application – in a fraction of the time it takes using conventional survey methods – to capture new and existing facilities

Construction Surveys – Procedures and processes to manage the entire construction cycle effectively

Environmental & Forestry – Comprehensive, multi-disciplinary solutions to facilitate the resource-management needs of the forestry and energy sectors

Field Surveys – Highly skilled project management, mapping, field and CAD teams to deliver seamless, concurrent, service

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Internet GIS – An extensive, online system with over 80 layers of resource data to generate informative location reports

Legal/Municipal Land Surveys – Spatial identification, property boundaries and other geo-referencing specifications to conform with local jurisdictions and systems

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) – Accurate, cost-effective, and timely data to ensure optimal route and site selection

Mapping – Aerial photography, orthophoto maps, satellite imagery and other applications generated to provide a comprehensive range of services

Oil & Gas – Multi-disciplinary, integrated services, including planning, mapping, surveying and remote sensing to meet all development and infrastructure needs

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